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Motion Drives for all Advertising Displays at the P.O.S.

Turntables, Revolving Platforms, Sign Rotators for presentations and trade shows, mains and battery powered display motors, electric motors, gear motors for displays and industrial applications.

Important Remark:

The size and height of the turntable, as well as bending forces caused by personal intervention, eccentric mounting, etc., can strongly influence the load capacity of the turntables. Please let us advise you free of charge in order to find a safe and reliable solution. All specifications are subject to tolerances and may contain technical or typographical errors.

Revolving Platforms KDE 003 to 012 (Lazy Susan)

Galvanized sheet steel parts with steel balls ensure good turning properties. Numerous holes are available in the sheet steel parts for assembly.

Range of application

  • Revolving bases for loads up to 200to / 1000 lbs
  • POS racks and shelves
  • Revolving display base
  • Book shelves
  • Advertising displays
  • Serving trays, tables
  • TV and PC sets
  • Rotating wardrobes for home and hobby
  • For industrial purposes with heavier loads
KDE 003
KDE 003
KDE 004
KDE 004
KDE 006
KDE 006
KDE 009
KDE 009
KDE 012
KDE 012