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Motion Drives for all Advertising Displays at the P.O.S.

Turntables, Revolving Platforms, Sign Rotators for presentations and trade shows, mains and battery powered display motors, electric motors, gear motors for displays and industrial applications.

Important Remark:

Bending forces like wind power outdoor, public access, excentric installations, etc., can be multiple of the indicated load capacity of the motor drive (or turntable). Please contact us for a complimentary advice in finding a secure and reliable solution.

Heavy Duty Turntable STO 1.5

Heavy duty turntable for maximum centric load of 1,500 kg. Strong welded construction. Powerful tapered roller bearing to support against big bending power for large installations. Only for horizontal use.
Indoor and outdoor operation.
Especially applicable for trade shows, indoor / outdoor advertising signs and logos/studio and stage areas.

Slip ring connection for 16 amp. with own power cord and junction box available at the rotating platform.

Please note the difficult conditions for outdoor use and ask whether the turntable is suitable for your property and installation location. Depending on the size and mass distribution, the maximum load can also be less than 1,500 kg.

Remark: For all our dimensions and weight specifications the common tolerances are valid.


  • Maximum centric load: 1,500 kg (3,300 lbs)
  • Turn plate: Ø 790 mm
  • Pedestal: Ø 790 mm
  • Total height of turntable: 200 mm
  • Dead weight: approx. 85 kg
  • Rotating speed: approx. 0.8 rpm
  • Rotation direction: clockwise (cw)
  • Operating voltage: 220-240 V AC
  • Asynchronous Gear Motor, no-load power consumption <80 W
  • Slip ring for up to 16 A (amp.) with own power cord with “Schuko”-plug
  • Power cord: approx. 2 m with “Schuko”-plug

Special Features

  • Belt drive adjustable
  • Safety friction clutch
  • Outdoor operation: protection class IP x3


  • Speed regulation by Frequency Converter
  • Rotation direction: counterclockwise (ccw)
  • Switch for changing rotation direction
  • On request: special functions like reversing operation, cycle operation, stop times, soft start and soft stop.

Please note that these turntables are custom-made products. Test and approval documents have to be ordered separately and are associated with additional costs of the test laboratories. The customer is responsible for the professional installation of the incomplete machine, as well as the final acceptance of the completed display.

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