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MTE Watch Winder Technology

Watch winders for service and maintenance up to high sophisticated design winders.

Important Remark:

Please also pay attention to the products of our premium brand ORIGINTIMES  There are represented the most sophisticated watch winders with unusual design, high quality materials and manufactured with perfect craftsmen ship.

Product Comparison WTM – WTR Modules

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WTR – New Watch Winder Module with very Slim Design

WTR Modul shown with LED- and Diffuser Ring


  • Most smallest diameter of the module including watch holding cup in the world.
  • Inner surface of the cup is available uncoated, flocked or leather coated according to customers requirement.
  • Versatile mounting methods for different situations.
  • Strong bearings to rotate even heavy watches reliable and smoothly.
  • Shaft support with two ball bearings for the cup. This causes less friction and very low noise.
  • Friction clutch by rubber belt avoids damage of the gear while stopping or rotating the cup anually.
  • New, robust plug connection for power supply and control electronics avoids reverse polarity.
  • Maintenance free and long life gear motor.
  • Electronic control unit for precise motion cycles
  • Reflection sensor takes care for precise stops and positioning of the watch always at the same position.
  • Different switch types allow individual configurations.

OLED – New Patented Motion and Light Control by Touch Display

OLED –Touch Display with Watch Winder Symbols


  • This control unit OLED allows to control individually almost unlimited quantities of modules regarding break times, rotation direction, speed winding, sleep phases, rotation cycles, etc.
  • The modules are connected with the control unit by a modern bus system and ribbon cables.
  • All functions can be executed by touching the sensitive display.
  • The watch winder symbols on the display can be modified according the customer individual needs.
  • When the WTR modules are equipped with LED-light then it can be controlled and operated also easily by the OLED-Display.

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Operation Menu

New Patented Watch Retaining Cushion


  • The new ergonomic shape or this cushion allows to place and to remove the watch from the winder very easily.
  • The watch appears elegant without any plastic holders or clips of the cushion.
  • On request different materials like leather, velvet or microsuede are available.
  • High quality workmanship.

Remark: This Watch Retaining Cushion is only applicable with leather coated cups!

More Product Images

Watch Retaining Cushion with Watch

New Accessories

Zierring verchromt
Zierring verchromt


  • For refining the WTR modules there are items like ornamental rings and plated knobs available.
  • LED light with diffusor ring allows soft back lighting of the modules.

Remark: Ornamental rings are only applicable with leather coated cups!

More Product Images

Ornamental Ring gold-plated
Knob chrome-plated
Knob gold-plated
WTR Modul with LED Light Ring

WTM-Modul – flat version


The module is suitable for individual or multiple use.

  • cups available in 2 different lengthes for accomodating the watch
  • preferred installation position 12° inclination backwards
  • reversing mode or optional left / right run.
  • power supply via battery compartment or mains-plug transformer (adapter)
  • as from 5 stations we recommend our central control, here each station can be programmed individually
  • low current consumption
  • very low-noise run

More Product Images

Installation Example

Ask for your exact technical information and prices via our contact page.

Data Sheet for Jewellers and Shop Fitters


WTA Assembly Set

WTA Assembly Set is also a watch winder module with retaining springs for two watches. This module is equipped with the new drive like the WTA and WTB.


  • Preferred mounting position: 10° – 40° backwards
  • Holding position for the watch is in the centre over shaft Ø 5 mm. Dowel pin Ø 2,5 mm
  • Cable set switch / electrical bed plate, power jack / battery clips soldered
  • Cycle: manual selection of direction, stop cycle about 3 minutes
  • Position of switch: Left -0- Right
  • Connected load: 3 V DC
  • Weight: 155 grams
  • Accessories: see below and on demand

Ask for your exact technical information and prices via our contact page.

Data Sheet