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Sustainability is the New Standard

OVERALL: The aim of a sustainable production is to ensure that the goods are manufactured in a way that conserves resources and preserves the regenerative capacity of the environment. Thus, to secure the natural foundations of life for future generations. This requires a new approach to research, design and manufacturing.

At MTE Bewegungstechnik, we not only work in a future-oriented manner, but also strive to do so in all areas every day. In addition to striving for customer satisfaction and economic efficiency, we reflect the meaningfulness and sustainability of our actions in our work processes.

The extraordinary durability and low consumption of our products alone fulfils the facts of sustainability. If, for example, we produce turntables that are in use for 10 years and more, this results in an extremely attractive value-added chain with little material input. In addition, we produce almost exclusively in Germany with short transport routed, which makes the MTE CO2 balance very positive. Above that, our production observes the principle of waste disposal and recycling on a daily basis.

If you have any more detailed questions about MTE Bewegungstechnik sustainability, please feel free to contact us personally at any time!