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Motion Drives for all Advertising Displays at the P.O.S.

Turntables, Revolving Platforms, Sign Rotators for presentations and trade shows, mains and battery powered display motors, electric motors, gear motors for displays and industrial applications.

Important Remark:

Bending forces like public access, excentric installations, etc., can be multiple of the indicated load capacity of the motor drive (or turntable). Please contact us for a complimentary advice in finding a secure and reliable solution.

Linear Adaptor for POS Displays

Display motor for linear movement in horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction for POS displays. Depending on the type of application and the operating conditions you may choose the type of display motor. With the choice of the display motor the power and the speed will be defined. Precise and powerful guide bars allow high strain of the drive.

Linear drive also applicable for long term operation.


  • Adaptor for Linear Movement of POS Displays
  • Mains power or battery operating
  • Stroke lengths: 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 or 60 mm
  • Load of linear drive: Depending on the type, size, stroke length and motor (mains or battery operated) of display
  • Speed of linear drive: depending on the required motor speed
  • Installation: vertical, horizontal or ceiling mounted
  • Fiber-glass reinforced plastic
  • Mounting bore holes for self-tapping-screws and established display elements in the slide element
  • Wide contact surface, also suitable for double-sided adhesive tape

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Linear Movement / Linear Carriage Display Drive

Linear drive, which can work according to the required stroke length with a lever or by switchable motors and a very resilient cord via deflection pulleys. The linear feed can be used horizontally, vertically and diagonally. With vertical and vertical installation, however, only small masses of a few hundred grams are possible.


  • Mains power or battery operating
  • Load: Depending on the type, size, distance and motor (mains power or battery)
  • Rope or lever arm driven
  • Speed: Depending on type of display motor drive

Data Sheet


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Linear Drive with rope pull and AC motor for long distances


standing montage

hanging montage