It’s cutting edge to talk about sustainability in terms of products in the manufacturing industry, often without proof. Based on business relationships like the one between MTE Bewegungstechnik and Vanessa Ross Cakes, the indispensable role of sustainability becomes apparent.

Recently another customer of Vanessa Ross Cakes ordered a cake with a carousel theme, Vanessa immediately realised that the custom MTE Bewegungstechnik DC-turntable had to be used again! She discovered that if you insert the batteries, or rechargeable batteries, the other way round, the turntable rotates in the opposite direction. For this reason, there is absolutely no need for a new turntable to serve slightly different applications – well in this case, to serve cakes and cake lovers. Vanessa says, “THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!”. However, we ourselves think Vanessa has achieved THE BEST THING EVER with this cake.

When we saw this picture and the accompanying videos, we were all absolutely flabbergasted! The work Vanessa puts into each and every one of her cakes is absolutely top class! We couldn’t take our eyes off this beautiful work of art and of course it filled us with pride to see that it was made even more eye-catching by an MTE Bewegungstechnik DC-turntable.

Finally, we would like to give Vanessa the chance to describe the process of creating the carousel cake herself:

Because of the size of the DC-turntable housing, this had to be hidden inside an 8-inch Styrofoam cake dummy. The original design of the carousel cake called for the top of the carousel to be made of cake, but with the size of the tiers, the customers didn’t need that much cake, so I used Styrofoam here as well. Nevertheless, I am convinced that the MTE Bewegungstechnik DC-turntable would have held the weight just as well as it did for the Harry Potter cake. The use of the Styrofoam meant that the whole carousel could be removed at the end and everything else on the cake, even the horses, were edible. The DC-turntable was cleaned and given back to me.

Vanessa, we thank you for your efforts and for this wonderful business relationship, we wish you the very best from the bottom of our hearts and are already looking forward to seeing more cakes from you and perhaps being able to accompany new projects with you.